FNF: Funkin Aside


FNF: Funkin Aside

FNF: Funkin' Aside is a new and creative mod for the community that loves the game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). In this mod, you will play as a series of different characters, each with their own story and signature music to challenge Boyfriend - the main character of FNF. Get ready to enter a world of funky music where characters participate in heated singing battles with many new and challenging melodies.

Plot and Characters:

Funkin' Aside opens up a new aspect of the FNF universe by exploring the personal stories and conflicts between Boyfriend's sometimes friends, sometimes enemies, supporting characters. From newly appearing opponents to familiar characters with different backgrounds, every step opens up an emotional and dramatic musical confrontation.

Outstanding features:

Unique Interface: The mod features a redesigned user interface and new visuals, creating a fresh and engaging experience.

Exclusive Music: Funkin' Aside introduces a series of new music composed specifically for the mod by the community or talented artists, making each match special and unpredictable.

Customization Features: Players can customize the game's difficulty through available settings, allowing for a personalized experience accessible to everyone.

Learning Mode: To help players new to the game as well as players looking to improve their skills, Funkin' Aside may include a "Learning" mode to practice rhythm and reaction.

Deep Story: In addition to winning music, players will participate in a rich, emotional storyline through intros and interludes between levels.

New Challenges: With carefully designed new opponents, Funkin' Aside brings a breath of fresh air with increasing levels of difficulty, requiring players to really practice hard to win.

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