Friday Night Funkin


Friday Night Funkin

It's finally here, a perfect Friday Night Funkin port covering 8 weeks!

Defeat all Mod Characters from Week 1 to Week 8, Match the notes for the highest score.

In it you will have to participate in battles against your girlfriend's father, an experienced musician.

To win your lover's heart and get his father's approval, you must beat him in rhythm beats and prove that you are a better singer than him.

Sing along with Daddy Dearest, Skid and Pump, Pico and many others and try to beat them all without losing a beat! Story mode offers three difficulty levels, hard mode is extremely difficult and will require perfect coordination.

FNF Week ending 1:


The special event with the release of Closing Week 1 brings the next part of the Friday Night Funkin' story.

This 8th week will be a passionate reunion between Darnell, Nene and Pico.


After the amazing cutscene where you can witness the interesting life between Nene and Pico, you will be able to participate in 3 new epic battles.

Face off against Darnell in the songs "Darnell", "Lit Up and "2hot", keep up the pace despite Nene's intimidation and Darnell's certainty, and discover the play's surprise ending

A new "Night" difficulty has also been added to the Freeplay menu, which will give you access to 12 remixed songs, which will provide an even tougher challenge.



Press the arrows at the right time to create the right sound and keep the beat throughout the song and miss as few minutes as possible.

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